Dr. Stephen Shore is a special education professor at Adelphi University. He is an internationally renowned expert in autism and an author of many books: College for Students with Disabilities, Understanding Autism for Dummies, Ask and Tell, and Beyond the Wall.

In his most recent phone interview with ICARE4Autism staff writer Irene Bogues. Dr. Stephen Shore talks about managing mental strain during the pandemic and his mental health and suicide prevention project in the autistic and Asperger’s community.

“I think the uptick of suicide cases is due to a lack of face to face contact with other people.” Dr. Shore said. The lack of physical contact may lead to depression, job insecurity, financial challenges, working hours are reduced, and job losses could cause mental health challenges.

Dr. Shore says, maintaining your schedules and routine as best as you can is key.

Yes, Telcos can implement Fast WIFI Today

With the rise of IoT devices and AI, the demand for network access will grow even more exponentially in the next two years than it ever did in the last ten. New models of network access will be needed to be able to cope with the surge in demand for network services.

The opportunity to implement a new communications solution that is far relevant to the growing and demanding needs of users in the future, one that is drastically less expensive to install, stable, flexible, mobile, and that can provide extensive and easily…

Airfio is a decentralized platform presenting future of crypto banking in crypto world.

The platform emerged two crucial technologies in financial transactions i.e Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

Airfio’s crypto banking is based on neural language:

Airfio’s Blockchain banking is determined to create seamless experience of cryptocurrency transactions to everyone involved in the process. It has begun the revolution by integrating neural language and machine learning process in crypto banking industry.

The products of Airfio involves smart wallet, ARF coin, visa card, mining application, decentralized exchange, SDK, merchant’s app, Assistant App and many other which are precisely built on AI…

As I prepare this simple proof-of-concept responsive website, the only front-end web framework for getting this website off the ground fast enough is through a bootstrap framework. But before I discuss the details on how my website is built I would like to give you a quick backgrounder of what bootstrap is and how it gained popularity amongst web developers. Bootstrap, was originally named Twitter Blueprint. This was created my Mark Otto and Jacob Thorton at Twitter as a framework to encourage consistency for HTML, CSS and Javascript across the company. Fast forward to 2017, it is one of the…

When it comes to picking subjects for photography, humans are my favorite. There is one single reason behind this, and that is because they offer uniqueness that is hard to find. As each individual in unique in their own way, and lead a unique life there are endless possibilities that are open to capture. As there is no other subject in the world that is more diverse than humans. In addition, when you capture a moment with a human in it, you will never be able to give them back the second. …

So, I’m supposed to explain HTML and CSS to my 70-year-old mother. Well that sounds just shy of impossible, but I have hope. I introduced mom to social media a couple of years ago and now she’s more updated with what’s happening with our families and friends here and abroad. As a retired teacher, she never ceases to amaze me: she loves Spotify, her Fit Bit wearable and HBO Go. Most importantly, even though she’s “nontechnical,” she’s not intimidated by technology and she loves to learn new things, particularly in the kitchen. The woman can cook. That same kitchen wizardry…

Irene Bogues

Office ninja, neurodiverse advocate and lover of dogs.

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